Sanders & Sanders Ltd. (or Sander Bros. as it was first named) was established in 1873 by Brothers William and Thomas Sanders of Rushden, Northamptonshire. William Benjamin Sanders was apprenticed to the shoe and boot trade as a lad, and then went on to working in London as clicker before returning to Rushden in 1871 at the end of the Franco Prussian War, with the vision of setting up his own shoemaking business with his brother.
We are pleased to carry a selection of Sanders and Sanders shoes and boots for our US online store , her you will find Sanders shoes made in the UK in Northampton , Great Britain , these British made boot and shoes we offer online to our American customer are a fine representation of an authentic British made shoe and are very pleased to work with Sanders and Sanders directly to produce unique pieces we can offer our customer at Grahame Fowler Original.