Founded by Mr Levi Strauss in 1853, Levi’s has a formidable reputation for workwear and quality denim. From iconic shrink-to-fit 501s – a style institution in themselves – to looser-fitting 505s, a versatile pair of Levi’s is perhaps the ultimate men’s wardrobe staple.The orld-renowned, cult denim brand Levi’s has a legacy stretching back 150 years
all designs are based on the Levi’s archives of original Levi pieces made in America.But the Levis we now sell aren’t such a house hold name. Levis Vintage Clothing (LVC) is a subsidiary of Levis, which wasn’t started in earnest until 1996, though Levis in Japan had been producing a few replicas since 1987. These replicas became more and more sort after in Europe amongst true Denim 'heads’ building on the brand and name, incorporating clothing other than denim from Levis own large archive. The denim used on all selvedge LVC products is produced in the Cone Mills factory in North Carolina and has supplied its denim to Levis since 1915, making these reproductions as authentic as can be. Througthe years the iconic 501 waist overalls (jeans weren’t called jeans commonly until the 1960’s) has changed is style, construction and cut meaning there is a range of fits and styles to choose from to suit most tastes.