- Waterproof waxed cotton canvas.

- Linings and button loops made of vegetal tanned leather.

- Felt shoulder straps for more comfort.

- Metal pieces with bronze finish.

The Bleu de Chauffe waxed canvas is supplied by the very last French wax canvas manufacturer. Applied using a traditional method, the wax waterproofs and protects the canvas. Bleu de Chauffe has chosen a highly resisting 380 grams canvas, which was used by the French Army for a long time.

For our second collaboration with Fred and Hugo, from the garages of Custom Blitz Motorcycles, Bleu de Chauffe has redesigned its Scout backpack, adapting it for long distance motorcycle use.

Made of super resistant, waterproof-waxed canvas, this bag is highlighted with a blue edging, calling to mind the work outfits of Blitz.

Demanding motorcyclist or occasional biker, you will appreciate the characteristics of the backpack Scout Blitz: voluminous, versatile for wearing on your back or carrying in your hand, the inside and outside zippered pockets, as well as a detachable waist belt act as perfect stabilizers on your bike.

Blitz-Bleu de Chauffe bags are made in France with passion, each one dated and signed by our artisans.