GAS Frogman Roll


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<GAS> is a unique collaboration between Analogue shift and  Grahame Fowler. Our dual role is to create products that could store and carry a collection of watches while enhancing the watch collector’s lifestyle.  By combining time-tested silhouettes with custom features catering specifically to the watch collector on the go, the <GAS> Line answers the question that all collectors ask themselves: what bag or roll do I bring to the Get-Together?

Most collectors will eventually delve into the world of military watches. But because most watches that were issued to combat forces were engineered with fixed spring bars, 2-piece strap options are not compatible.

Enter the Frogman NATO Strap Roll.

While offered with the British MoD’s go-to Phoenix ‘Admiralty Grey’ NATO-style strap in 20mm, you can also add a selection of four more 20mm classic Regimental colors, or the complete set, which includes all five Regimental colors and a custom-made, hand-stitched 20mm Horween NATO.

The Frogman NATO Strap Roll is the perfect add-on to a military watch collection but also works great for any fan of the authentic military look! 

It also offers storage for one watch, head only. 

13.25” L x 16” H

(can roll up to approximately 3.25” x 2.25” x 16”)

Limited production, numbered items.